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Stormwater Modelling & Planning

Water sensitive urban design & stormwater engineering and management – Wollongong

Stormwater management and water resources engineering that is sensitive to the natural water cycle

At Rienco Consulting, we are passionate about, and have extensive experience in, water sensitive urban design and stormwater management.

Our stormwater engineering and WSUD services

  • Modelling of stormwater system behaviour
  • Stormwater management studies
  • Water sensitive urban design studies, designs and management plans
  • Water quality and water cycle management studies

More information & past projects

Water sensitive urban design

Water sensitive urban design is an engineering planning and design approach which is more considerate of the water cycle, including stormwater, groundwater, wastewater management and water supply. Its intent is to assist urban development be more sensitive to the natural water cycle.


Example projects

Rienco has completed the following example projects

  • Water cycle management plan and WSUD concept designs (wetlands) for proposed extensions to Lake Conjola Caravan Park
  • Water cycle management strategy and Pollution Reduction Program (PRP) for Port Kembla Golf Club.

Other projects

Whilst not under the Rienco banner, our engineers have also been heavily involved in, and/or managed, the following projects

  • Preparation of concept studies and plans together with detail design and modelling of storm drainage for subdivisions at various locations including Cordeaux Heights, Haywards Bay, Tullimbar and Figtree in Wollongong, NSW
  • Analysis and preparation of a master plan for drainage of the village of Erowal Bay on the shores of St Georges Basin for Shoalhaven City Council
  • Design and documentation of wetlands to treat runoff from Whytes Gully refuse emplacement area for Wollongong City Council and the analysis or design of many other subdivision and site specific drainage systems
  • WSUD and water cycle management study for Bayswood development, Vincentia NSW
  • WSUD and water cycle management study for Central Hills Local Environmental Study, Camden NSW
  • WSUD and water cycle management study for Calderwood Urban Release Area, Calderwood NSW

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What our customers say


In my capacity as an architect I have worked with Anthony on a large number of projects throughout the Wollongong area. Anthony has a deep knowledge of local stormwater issues, and in particular the risks and mitigation strategies that should be applied. He is very experienced in the requirements of local councils and has contributed to many successful applications of all scales, from renovations to developments and subdivisions. I can wholeheartedly recommend Anthony and the Rienco team for their practical and professional approach to assessing and solving stormwater related conditions, and as effective advocates in dealing with the council planning controls.

Michael Vail

Michael Vail Design

I use Rienco for all flooding and drainage matters on my projects because of their flooding modelling skills and pragmatic understanding of the difficulties of land development. The top-line integrity of their work was demonstrated recently on a very contentious project where the Rienco report passed a rigorous peer review by one of Australia's leading hydrology firms, with no change to the original findings and recommendations. It's comforting to know with Rienco you have that clarity of thinking helping find the best solution, and the confidence that it will be right.

Land Development Project Manager


Flood Assessments & Management Plans

Surface water hydrology looks at the properties and flow of water, and how it behaves in different environments.


Rainfall Data Collection & Analysis

We use hydrologic modelling to understand the volumes of water flowing into, or out of, a catchment at any one time.


Stormwater Modelling and Planning

Water sensitive urban design is an engineering planning and design approach which is more considerate of the water cycle.


Civil Construction Design Consulting

Our experienced engineers also have extensive knowledge in many areas of civil design and project management.