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Rainfall Data Collection & Analysis

Rainfall data collection and analysis – Wollongong & South Coast NSW

Collecting and analysing rainfall data and design flood estimation

At Rienco Consulting, we are passionate about surface water hydrology – a field of water engineering that looks at recorded and design rainfall patterns, the conversion of rainfall to runoff, and the physical catchment processes that occur in between. It aims to collect, collate and analyse data to help understand the volume and distribution of runoff.

Our surface water hydrology services

  • Rainfall data collection/collation/analysis
  • Design flood estimation
  • Hydrologic modelling (historic and design events)

Surface water hydrology

Hydrologic Modelling

We use hydrologic modelling to understand the volumes of water coming onto or being discharged from a catchment at any one time. This helps us predict flood levels and, together with hydraulic modelling, helps up plan infrastructure and development commensurate with the the flood hazard. We use the best available software for this work – which we also co-author (WBNM).


Our commitment to future research and development

To ensure that we continue to deliver the highest quality service in our field, Rienco Consulting stay involved in the testing techniques and technologies and are committed to ongoing research in the area of surface water hydrology.

 Horsley Creek

We are currently involved in several studies involving the advanced modelling of flood water volume in hydrologically complex catchments. Horsley Creek in Shellharbour NSW is a good example, urbanistaion there has inadvertently created water diversions and areas of localised flooding.

Rainfall Data Collection Horsley Creek - Shellharbour

To assess the problem, we used a computer software system (Watershed Bounded Network Model or WBNM) to simulate flows and flood stages at various key locations within the catchment, and then cross checked them with original predictions. A similar study is currently underway in Macquarie Rivulet, north of Horsley Creek.

Rainfall Data Collection - Flooded Car at Horsley Creek

A considerable R&D effort is also currently underway in the ware of surface water hydrology, including:

  • Comprehensive review of WBNM to cater for the recent changes to design flood estimation in Australian Rainfall & Runoff
  • The addition of timed blockage capabilities to WBNM
  • A review of the capabilities of Tuflow (flood simulation software) to directly simulate the rainfall/runoff process
  • A review of the impact of slope and roughness on urban discharge (flood volume)

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What our customers say


In my capacity as an architect I have worked with Anthony on a large number of projects throughout the Wollongong area. Anthony has a deep knowledge of local stormwater issues, and in particular the risks and mitigation strategies that should be applied. He is very experienced in the requirements of local councils and has contributed to many successful applications of all scales, from renovations to developments and subdivisions. I can wholeheartedly recommend Anthony and the Rienco team for their practical and professional approach to assessing and solving stormwater related conditions, and as effective advocates in dealing with the council planning controls.

Michael Vail

Michael Vail Design

I use Rienco for all flooding and drainage matters on my projects because of their flooding modelling skills and pragmatic understanding of the difficulties of land development. The top-line integrity of their work was demonstrated recently on a very contentious project where the Rienco report passed a rigorous peer review by one of Australia's leading hydrology firms, with no change to the original findings and recommendations. It's comforting to know with Rienco you have that clarity of thinking helping find the best solution, and the confidence that it will be right.

Land Development Project Manager


Flood Assessments & Management Plans

Surface water hydrology looks at the properties and flow of water, and how it behaves in different environments.


Rainfall Data Collection & Analysis

We use hydrologic modelling to understand the volumes of water flowing into, or out of, a catchment at any one time.


Stormwater Modelling and Planning

Water sensitive urban design is an engineering planning and design approach which is more considerate of the water cycle.


Civil Construction Design Consulting

Our experienced engineers also have extensive knowledge in many areas of civil design and project management.